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You’ve heard all the excuses:  “I forgot the payment was due today.” “I’ll get you the money next week.” “That wasn’t part of the deal.” “I don’t need to pay you for that.”

When you’ve heard enough and want your money now, Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. is the name clients trust to get results. Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. has successfully helped a wide variety of clients — including banks, businesses and financing companies — collect the debts owed to them. Our attorneys are relentless in their pursuit of justice, and will do whatever is necessary and cost-effective to recover your funds.

Our firm has 30 years of combined experience providing clients with aggressive advocacy at every level of state and federal court.  We put the power back in your hands, and are committed to getting you every last penny of your money.

An overview of the collections process:

1.    Receipt and review of your files

2.    Demand letter — Our attorneys may send a letter to the debtor demanding payment.  If the debtor responds to the letter, we consult with you to determine repayment terms.

3.    Lawsuit — If the debtor does not respond and satisfactorily resolve the debt, we seek your permission to file a lawsuit. Once a suit is filed, our attorneys move quickly to obtain a judgment in your favor before trial. Although rare, if trial becomes necessary, our attorneys vigorously prosecute your right to collect payment.

4.   Judgment and Enforcement — A judgment gives our attorneys the opportunity to utilize all available legal remedies to collect the judgment.  We may attach liens on the debtor’s real estate; garnish the debtor’s wages and bank accounts; or request the Sheriff to sell the debtor’s non-exempt assets to secure payment on the debt. If we cannot locate a debtor’s assets, we can force the debtor and others to appear in court for a post-judgment deposition or judgment debtor examination to locate assets.   If the debtor fails to appear, our attorneys can seek sanctions for contempt of court.

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