Real Estate Litigation

Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. represents clients in various real estate litigation matters

Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. pools its robust experience in civil litigation and trial practice with its knowledge of real estate law to provide cost-effective and sophisticated counsel to mortgagees, creditors, landlords and land owners. Thomas R.Merry Co., L.P.A. has extensive experience in Ohio Receivership law, eminent domain, mortgage foreclosure, adverse possession and landlord litigation.  If a bankruptcy case gets filed, Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. has experience with cash collateral, adequate protection, post-petition financing, stay relief, sales free and clear of liens, and plan confirmation litigation. Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. is keenly aware that clients cannot spend their resources on ineffective and costly litigation, and counsels its clients with this in mind.

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